Terrible Nuances, Civil Truths

This guy is crude, but he hits on a small point I agree with; nuance is lost in our culture, and that that has contributed to a loss of civility in our culture. Facebook is Exhibit A.
The point I’d disagree is where he equates nuance with “holding many truths in our head at once” if by “many truths” that is taken to mean a bunch of different beliefs that may or may not line up with each other. It is entirely possible to have a nuanced worldview that is internally self-consistent. By worldview, I mean all of those beliefs one holds taken together as a whole.
In fact, I would argue that for civil society to be civil, that it is essential for the majority of people in the public square to cultivate an internally consistent worldview that is true. Let me explain why this is so.
Most people concerned with the problem of incivility see the lack of love for their neighbors. It is one of the foundational twin purposes of life; to love your God and to love your neighbor. To love either requires you to adopt of view of truth that defines it as any belief that corresponds to the way the world really is. By doing so, you commit yourself to seeing problems as they really are, which allows you to address the issues at their source; to fight for justice in a way that actually promotes justice, to love your neighbor in a way that is actually loving rather than co-dependent or enabling or damaging. You also eventually end up with a large set of beliefs, or worldview, that are self-consistent with one another.
Without a commitment to believing true things, you leave yourself wide open to believing selfish things; things that seem right to yourself, to the way you feel, but which may not actually correspond to the way the world really is and which tend to be inconsistent with one another. And that is what creates the entire problem because it leads people to act the way that he spells out here: “Stay behind the walls of your team’s fortification, though — ahh, now you will be celebrated, held aloft for your opinion, and all of you will drink and dance in frenzied froth-mouthed glory as you ready your next batch of arrows for THOSE OTHER *bleep* OVER THERE.”
You lose the nuance. But by committing ourselves to believe true things no matter how uncomfortable they may be, we begin to address the incivility of culture by addressing the incivility–the lack of love–within ourselves.

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